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The polygraph is an instrument that records physical response in the human body when a person fails to tell the truth. It is based on scientific research done over the past 100 years and incorporates the disciplines of applied anatomy, physiology and psychophysiology.

What is a Polygraph?

Advantages of the Polygraph

It is an effective investigation tool that is between 90% and 95% accurate. This will save

unnecessary waist / loss of valuable man hours during a serious investigation.

It is a very effective interrogation tool.

Polygraph Examination

The modern Polygraph instrument can monitor and record up to five measures:

1) Respiration,

2)  Electro  dermal  activity,  

3) Cardio changes,  

4) Relative  changes  in  the  total  blood  volume

using  the  (Photo  Plethysmograph) and  

5)  Movement  to  detect  certain  physical


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The spinal of criminal activity in and out of the workplace has seen polygraph testing increased dramatically as the crime rate escalates and crime in the workplace increases. The admissibility of polygraph testing within the employment relations context in South Africa is seen as a critical issue. South African employers are increasingly turning to polygraph testing as a means of, not only to detect dishonesty in the workplace, but also in the hope that pre-employment and in-employment screening will prevent, or at least determine, theft and fraud discovery and syndicate crime. There is a wide spread of polygraph testing, particularly in the information for technology, retail, security, mining and banking industries. The polygraph is seen to be a quick and cost effective tool in the fight against crime within the working Environment.

Why Polygraph?


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